Digital diner menu for contemporary catering and hospitality

Easily create a contactless menu for your restaurant.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up and it’s free.

QR code powered menus are here.

Bring your menu to your customers’ screens as a PDF document or a picture with the help of a unique QR code. It is very easy to setup, update and manage.

Your customers will only need a mobile phone with a camera - no app installation is required!

Why a contactless menu?

With the stricter hygiene restrictions and guidelines imposed on restaurants, cafes and public places a contactless menu is a perfect way to keep your customers and the authorities happy and spare yourself additional costs.

Why a contactless menu?

Customer safety

Your visitors will only need their own mobile phone to open your menu on their phone. No app is required.

Free and easy setup

The signup process takes two steps and is as easy as providing some business data and a file for the menu. And it’s absolutely free - keep your credit card in your wallet.

Always up-to-date

Updating a menu is swift and straightforward. You can update your menu as often as you like and at any time you like.

How does a contactless QR menu work?

Upload, generate, place it on a table – done.

1. Upload

Upload a file – a PDF or an image – and publish it with a click. It couldn’t be easier.

1. Upload

2. Generate

Once a QR code has been generated it will encode a unique link to your file. Has the menu been updated? Upload a new file. QR code stays the same.

2. Generate

3. Present

Print out the QR code and place it on a table. A customer will need to point a phone’s camera at the code and it will open your menu. No additional app is required.

Try it yourself!

Open your phone’s camera, scan this QR code
and see where it gets you.

Try it yourself!

How much does it cost?

We only have one payment plan.


  • 1 dynamic QR code
  • Export as SVG and PNG
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Email and phone support
More features are coming!
  • Usage reports
  • Multiple QR codes
  • Customized links
  • Social linking
Hosted in Germany
Hosted in Germany

Our server guarantee at least 99.9% uptime through the year.

Ready to go
Ready to go

No app download, no setup, no updates required – sign up and go!

GDPR conform
GDPR conform

Your data is your data – we keep it safe and private.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my visitors need to have a special app to scan a QR code?

No, they don’t. Every mobile phone with a camera (and even a tablet!) can decode a QR code just by pointing a camera at the code. There are however some specialized apps and your visitors can use them if they want - but they don’t need to.

Do I need to get a new QR code, if I upload a new file?

No, you don’t. That’s what makes it worth it – you can change your menu as often as you like. When uploaded, publish the file and the QR code will now serve your new menu. Yes, it is this easy.

What should be the size of the QR code when I print it out?

Formally speaking, you should keep the size of the QR code over 3cm on each side to make sure it is readable. Aesthetically speaking, this is your choice – make it as small or as big, as you need to. Be sure to test it at least with your own phone before any permanent placement.

Would everyone know how to scan a QR code?

By now QR codes are ubiqutous and surely most of the phone users will not hesitate when presented with a QR code. For the ones who are not very familiar with technology we recommend helping out by guiding through the process or even printing the instructions and placing them close to the QR code.

Why is this a free offer? Where is the catch?

There is no catch involved - it is free because we want to help the catering and hospitality industries to get through the tough times. Our main product is a set of essential HR tools while this small app is really just a helpful add-on.